Graphic Arts

The beginning of Val’s Designs was mostly a way to work with the non-profit groups to which Val belonged, and to support her children’s school programs and the auxiliaries to Associations to which her husband belonged. This extended to other groups and to church.

Fashion Design

Val considered fashion design by introducing ultra-suede and fur at her home from an Utah company to the Contra Costa County Pharmacy Auxiliary, and at the Northern California Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Auxiliary fashion show luncheon with Eloise Norton agreeing to replace her during her absence from that event.

Interior Design

Next, Val’s Designs contracted with Trans Art to market fine art and accessories for businesses and homes, which corresponded to Val’s interest in interior design and her love for beauty and serenity in her environment.

"Go Hands-Free" - Use your "POW"

Wear on arms, leg, or belt!

For your essentials: credit cards, insurance card, identification, money, key

Pull on Wallet is a convenient and potentially safer method of going about one's everyday activities without the bulk and weight of a large purse for essentials. Purses of choice can still be used for fashion or for carrying more items as desired.

Men may prefer to wear the wallet on the belt or a loop, which can be done by either sex.

The basic design with two compartments, each with its own zipper, provides two separate sections for organizing your items for easy retrieval.

The stretchable fabric allows one to vary the amount of content according to personal use.

For example: For routine daily activities, one may carry a main wallet with IDs, driver's license, credit cards, money, insurance cards, club cards, travel cards, etc., or one may limit the contents to a specific activity which would make for a thin, lighter wallet. A lighter wallet is great for going out on the town, dancing, dinner engagements, theater attendance, walking and exercising, golfing, formals and weddings.

Pull On Wallet can also be useful when networking. Wear two of the same color and design as bracelets or cuffs and use one wallet for regular essentials, and the other wallet to hold on one side your business or calling cards to give to others and on the other side, place the cards collected from others during a networking session.

The advantages of the two zipper pull on wallet is that the wallet can be shaped to the contour of the arm (body part) so that it has a neat fit and shape with the bulk on the side and rear of wallet. This shape disguises the amount of content when viewed from front and side of person.

Most importantly, the wallet is worn and not carried which lessens the chances for loss of critical identification and monies, as well as allow the person to go hands-free:

  • Persons, especially the elderly have lesser chance of forgetting their essentials or leaving them behind.
  • Youth can have constant possession of their essentials when going to school or performing general activities (when it is not restricted).
  • Disabled persons may have lesser chances of dropping or losing their essentials due to their handicap.


  • Avoid near flammables.
  • Designed for teens and adults. (Youth can pull up wallet to a level that fits comfortably.)
  • Avoid if allergic to latex.
  • Wash with cold water; no wringing for better wear.
  • For wallets with jewels and some ornamentation, wash gently at your own risk.