Packy™ is from the RAPRO™ Family of Val's Designs LLC. It is used with the product PULL ON WALLET™ in honor of the late Frank. L. Mattox who was a proponent of education. Mattox was a star in baseball, football, and basketball. Packy™ products represent group and team spirit by the display of one's organizational colors in fabric and zippers in wallet. 

Packy is the Planner, group-oriented, spirited. Packy idenifies with education and learning. Yellow is Packy's favorite color.

***Group orders for special discounted prices. 

Up to 50 = $15 each

51 to 100 = $12 each

100 or more = $10 each

*30 day minimum depending on order size. (Small order may process faster.)

For special request, please fill out our contact form

Price: $15.00
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